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Policing Technological enhancements: Pros and cons


In recent news, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced an enhancement to 911 emergency services for individuals with hearing and speech impairments ( The innovation enables mobile phones to send a text message… Lire la suite

Canada’s Border Security Agency : Not like TV?


National Geographic Channel’s television program, Border Security: Canada’s Front line, portrays federal border agents as good-natured and most of all, highly skillful and professional individuals. We do not know what happens on the program after… Lire la suite

A Homeless and a Cop : Not another incident?


« Je veux que tu arrêtes d’insister et d’aller t’installer calmement au chaud, si tu veux rester au chaud, tu ne parles pas à personne. Là là, il y a quatre personnes qui ont… Lire la suite

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